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Uncertainty, Outcomes & Our Decisions

The brain has a lot of gray matter but hates gray areas. As a planning machine, the brain needs information that is certain so it can figure out the best course of action. And when we don’t get certain information, we get agitated. Perhaps you have said, “I don’t care if the news is good or bad, just tell me what it is. Not knowing is the worst.”

The Allure of Pessimism

As we enter emotionally charged presidential campaigns, we should prepare ourselves for an onslaught of pessimism. Election talking points tend to be more about slinging mud than the candidate's outline for future prosperity. Why do they focus so much on the negative?

A Powerful Perspective

Every now and then the happenings of the market can teach us important lessons. We can improve our investment decisions by learning from the past and heeding correct perceptions.