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Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain - Part 4



Jacqui holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York Medical College and is licensed by New York State and Connecticut. In addition, she has completed an advanced training program in Functional Clinical Nutrition with Designs for Health Institute. Jacqui has been in private practice as a Functional Nutritionist since 1996 and treats clients around the world in her virtual practice.


  1.  Before you sit down to eat, drink at least 8 ounces of  water.   This will help to cut your appetite as well as increase your metabolism.
  2. Take a digestive enzyme before the meal.  It will help you to breakdown your food more efficiently, decreasing the chance of bloating and the gastric distress that comes with holiday meals.
  3. If broth is an option, choose it.  Research shows that people that consume broth before meals eat less and therefore gain less weight.
  4. Pick your favorites and forget the rest.  You do not have to eat one of everything.
  5. Take smaller portions than normal.
  6. Don’t go back for seconds – one serving is enough.  If you are truly still hungry, have more veggies or salad.
  7. Chew slowly and savor every bite.  It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that you are feeling full.
  8. Make plenty of conversation – it’s hard to talk with your mouth full.
  9. Take an after-meal stroll if possible.