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Inflation, War & Cash

Right now, investors are facing two main concerns: Rising inflation and significant conflict in eastern Europe. Whenever concerns abound, the most natural reactions are for stock markets to go down and investors to worry or even panic.  

That could lead to knee-jerk reactions of selling and going all to cash. Such decisions may provide emotional relief but may not be financially wise. Whenever you abandon a well thought out strategy and go to all cash, you become a speculator. A Plan no longer guides your decisions. You must guess what to do next.  

While concerns abound, it is important to recognize that you are in charge of what you do next. Whatever you choose, be sure to counsel with us before taking any action. We are here to guide you through your most challenging financial decisions!

We will be in contact with you shortly to review your current strategy and discuss how recent events will impact your future plans. In the meantime, please know that we are here to help address any concerns you may have.

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