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Special Scam Alert: Virus Victimization

Scammers and hackers love taking advantage of new events, and the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) story is no exception. Authorities are warning consumers to be skeptical of emails and websites promoting coronavirus prevention products and tips, according to the Better Business Bureau. These rapidly spreading scams, like others that capitalize on natural disasters and the like, typically promise something too good to be true and insist that you “Act Now.” Don't!

Security ABCs from the BBB

The Better Business Bureau is offering excellent, commonsense security tips to help you keep your information safe.

Now depending on your experience level, some of the following tips may seem basic. But we’ve learned that you can never explain the basics too many times, so here we go:

  • Lock down your login. For your online accounts, use the strongest authentication tools available. Usernames and passwords really aren’t enough; consider two-factor authentication for such key accounts as email, banking, and social media.
  • Don’t click on unfamiliar links. Whether at home or at work, never click on links from unfamiliar sources or unexpected correspondence. One false click can infect a whole computer … or an entire corporation.
  • Pay attention to your internet-connected devices. Smart thermostats, voice control systems, cars, even refrigerators are just the beginning of the growing list of devices that watch our homes and track our location. Before gleefully connecting these devices, read the privacy policy—understand what data is being collected and how it will be used.
  • Delete old apps. Even when you stop using an app, it continues to collect your data in the background. Declutter your life and delete old apps to help maintain your privacy.
  • Update your software. These updates are important because as technology advances, cyber criminals and attackers get better at cracking encryption and stealing your data. Anytime your phone or home computer prompts you to update your software, do so immediately.

Security ABC's.pdf

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