Individuals & Families

Comprehensive financial planning includes a coordinated approach to managing your wealth, providing you and your family the security that comes with knowing that you have planned financially for every stage of your life. At Acorn Consulting, we work with each client individually to answer the financial questions that lead to a more sound financial future:

  • How can I better manage my cash flow?
  • Where does debt fit into my overall financial picture?
  • When is the right time and best way to start saving for college?
  • What's the right mix for my 401(k) assets?
  • How can I set up my estate to ensure my legacy will best serve my heirs in the future?
  • How do I make sure my investments are aligned with my short- and long-term goals?
  • Is long-term care insurance something I should be considering?
  • Do I have the right type and right amount of life insurance coverage?
  • Will I be able to continue my lifestyle throughout retirement?
  • When should I start collecting social security retirement benefits? What impact will my decision have on my spouse? 
  • What’s the best way to arrange my assets to provide for a steady stream of income during retirement?

From answering your questions, to helping you create your financial plan, to conducting regular financial checkups, we can help you accumulate, manage, and protect assets. We’ll help you balance your needs for current income and liquidity with your long-term goals so you can enjoy your life today, and plan effectively to help ensure that what you have built eventually will benefit the people and organizations that mean the most to you.

Who We Serve
Acorn Consulting Services, Inc., A Registered Investment Adviser is independent of Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. a member of FINRA, SIPC.